A Chair is Not Just a Chair

09 Oct A Chair is Not Just a Chair

A chair is not just a chair.  I wish I had a dollar for every time a client thought their investment in a chair was the tell all to paint the best ergonomic picture.  What a farce?  What a miscommunication with the American public.  How dare everyone call everything ergonomic?

The truth is that a chair serves as a great support to take the load off ones feet after a long day.  The truth is a chair offers something for us to lean back on so we don’t have to sit up straight.  The truth is a chair can be our friend.  The reality is that a chair can also be the culprit of years of long lasting discomfort if not purchased correctly.

We live in a fantasy world hoping each customer we see will make the investment and bet on the right chair for the right reasons.  If we can just get the hamstrings supported with no contact stress; if we can position the worker with the right amount of versatile hip angle; if we can support their thoracic region; if someone can relax their shoulders while seated; if we can adjust the chair to support their lumbar region once their hips are at the right angle; why then we would have a chair that would be called the greatest chair ever made.

It would not be expensive and it would not look like it flew in on a star ship.  It would be completely adjustable to most bodies.  It would become the chair that if all chairs were like it.  It would just be a chair.  It’s our chair..