Postures Beyond the Office Tips

Posture reminders and tips for beyond the work space.

Office Tasks

Traveling and working on a computer can be a challenge!

Lower Extremities:

Feet flat, or on rest so that hips are even with knees

Upper Extremities:

Work with a separate keyboard/ mouse when possible if using a Laptop. Shoulders re- laxed, elbows as close to 90° as possible.


Build the height of the laptop up so that you view the monitor at top 1/4 portion of screen.
Take Regular breaks and stretch!
Remember to support your low back when possible and adjust controls at other workstations so they fit your Neutral Posture.

Car Tasks

Seating postures

Make adjustments with what the car has to offer.

  1. The lumbar area needs support with cushion
  2. On long trips consider using massage/heated seat cushion to help with circulation
  3. Make changes with body: weight shifting; neck posture and left leg position
  4. Relax your shoulders on the steering wheel
  5. Organize your Trip: Have caddy in passenger seat to avoid reaching into the back seat from the drivers seat.
  6. Cell Phone Posture: Use hands free system or ear piece to avoid awkward postures. NO TEXTING.

Stop your car! Take a stretch!

Trade Show Tasks

Standing Postures:

Stand with knees unlocked; shift body weight from leg to leg often; prop leg up to stool or box whenever possible.

Sitting Postures:

Review sitting postures with knees bent at 90 degrees; lumbar area support and change postures every 30 minutes.

Postural Tolerances:

Lifting: Use your legs; back straight, head up; keep load close to the body; avoid twisting and use cart whenever possible; pushing or pulling is better than lifting.


Keep load close to body with elbows bent at 90 degrees much as possible; avoid twisting. Pushing/pulling: Keep load close, push whenever possible versus pulling and use largest wheel possible for the item; avoid twisting.