Ergonomic Assessment Database (EAD)


Of course not, yet millions of computer users go to work each day and choose to drive like this at their desks:

  • Monitors positioned too high or too low creating neck and shoulder injuries 
  • Keyboarding and mousing occurring on different levels causing force and awkward reach of the upper extremities
  • Chairs purchased without proper adjustments creating major back issues
  • Multiple accessory purchases that don’t help but hurt ergonomic issues

Trying to fix problems without using an expert can be costly.

When employees report discomfort in the work place the first thought is to go and purchase an inexpensive wrist rest or worse spend hundreds of dollars on a new chair.  At Active Ergonomics® we understand that good ergonomics starts with education for the worker.  Often time employees have the right tools but they don’t know how to use them.

Most of the time employers feel they are fixing ergonomic problems with a chair.  A good chair is helpful to the ergonomic outcome but what you do in the chair can reverse the impact 360°.

Performing an ergonomic assessment on the employee will prove to be a great value and a long term benefit to your company.

We use a unique proprietary software program (EAD System) to document our assessments.  It is a unique web based system that provides efficient management of ergonomic programs for organizations of all sizes. Here are some highlights of the system:

  • Real time data provided to the client upon completion of assessments
  • Management of individual employees ergonomic needs documented
  • Interactive electronic communication with employees throughout the assessment process
  • Contact management for detailed documentation
  • Data mining capabilities that provide statistics for business planning
  • On going preventive education for all employees assessed with the system

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