Travel Tips

Ergonomic Tips for Traveling


  • Adjust your seat to support your body and lumbar region
  • Seat height should be below hips
  • Alternate positioning of hands when possible to safely grip steering wheel at all angles
  • Take a stretch break every hour if possible
  • Remove bulky items from your back pockets
  • Plan effectively, don’t add stress to your drive time


Air Plane

  • Don’t over pack, purchase good luggage on wheels
  • Alternate hands to pull and carry items
  • If possible stretch every 30 minutes for 30 seconds while on the plane.
  • Use U-shaped travel pillow to sleep
  • Use Pull down tray to use laptop if needed.


Laptop Use on the Road

  • Use of a laptop should be minimized when possible.
  • Use laptop on lap when possible.
  • Practice good typing skills to avoid neck bending to view screen.
  • Use separate keyboard and mouse when possible