Microsoft Word Shortcuts

 Manage Word Documents 
Ctrl+nCreate new document
Ctrl+oOpen document
Ctrl+wClose document
Ctrl+sSave document
F12Save document as
Ctrl+pPrint document/ print preview
Ctrl+F6Switch between multiple Word documents
Alt, then f, rOpen Recent (file, recent)


 Navigate within Documents
Arrow Left/Arrow RightJump one character to the left / to the right
Ctrl+Arrow Left/Ctrl+Arrow RightJump one word to the left / to the right
End/HomeJump to the end of a line / beginning of a line
Arrow Down/Arrow UpJump one line down / one line down
Ctrl+Arrow Down/ Ctrl+Arrow UpJump one paragraph down / one paragraph up
Page Down/Page UpJump one screen down/ one screen up
Alt+Ctrl+Page Down/ Alt+Ctrl+Page UpJump to top / to bottom of visible window
Ctrl+End/Ctrl+HomeJump to end / to beginning of document
F6Cycle through Ribbon/open panes/Status Bar/document window
Ctrl+g or f5Go to a page, bookmark, footnote, table, comment, graphic, or other location
Alt+Ctrl+zGo back to previously edited location in document (up to 4 places)
Shift+F5Go to a the last change or revision. Also works after opening document.
Ctrl+Shift+F5Set, go to and edit bookmarks
Alt+Ctrl+HomeSet Browse Options. Press the arrow keys to select an option, and then press enter to browse through a document by using the selected option
Ctrl+Page Down/Ctrl+Page UpMove to next / move to previous browser object as set in Browse Options


 Select Text
Shift+Arrow Right/ Shift+Arrow LeftExtend selection one character to the right / to the left
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Right/ Ctrl+Shift+Arrow LeftExtend selection one word to the right / to the left
Shift+End/Shift+HomeExtend selection to the end / to beginning of a line
Shift+Arrow Down/ Shift+Arrow UpExtend selection one line down / one line up
Shift+Page Down/ Shift+Page UpExtend selection one screen down / one screen up
Ctrl+Shift+End/ Ctrl+Shift+HomeExtend selection to end / to beginning of document
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Page Down/ Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Page UpExtend selection to end / to beginning of visible window
Ctrl+aExtend selection to entire document
Arrow KeysCancel selection and return to beginning / to end of selection
F8Turn Extend Mode on: Extend selection without pressing shift
Arrow keys , Page up/Page downExtend selection in Extended Mode:
F8Extend selection further by word, paragraph, document in Extended Mode
Shift+F8Reduce the size of a selection in Extended Mode
Ctrl+Shift+f8, and arrow keysSelect a vertical block of text in Extended Mode
EscTurn extend mode off
F8Extend a selection to a specific location in a document


Switch Views 
Alt+Ctrl+pSwitch to Print Layout view
Alt+Ctrl+oSwitch to Outline view
Alt+Ctrl+nSwitch to Draft view (used to be normal view)
Ctrl+scroll mouseZoom in and zoom out
alt then w, qOpen Zoom Menu (no native shortcut exists for zoom in/ zoom out)
Alt+Ctrl+sSplit the document window


Undo, Copy and Paste
Ctrl+zUndo the last action
Ctrl+yRedo the last action
Ctrl+cCopy selected text or object
Ctrl+xCut selected text or object
Ctrl+vPaste selected text or object
Ctrl+Shift+cCopy text format
Ctrl+Shift+vPaste text format
Ctrl+Alt+vPaste special
Ctrl+v, then Ctrl, then kPaste and keep Source Formatting
Ctrl+v, then Ctrl, then tPaste and keep Text only
Ctrl+F3Cut to the Spike (separate clipboard)
Ctrl+Shift+F3Paste from the Spike
F3Paste AutoText ( after start typing)
Alt+Shift+rCopy the header or footer from previous section of the document