Company Profile

Active Ergonomics® was founded in 1997 with a mission to promote pro-active ergonomics through education, the assessment, and the solution.

Since starting the business Active Ergonomics® has completed more than 6000 assessments in the office and laboratory environment. The process is a simple and streamlined approach to ergonomics providing companies with a complete outsource to address ergonomics proactively and reactively. Employees are assessed one on one in the work environment; educated and coached on proper ergonomic principles; educated on proper adjustments with existing equipment; and recommendations are made to fix problems not addressed with existing controls. Most clients use AEI to also fix the problems, follow up with the employee and facilitate the process completely.

In 2003 an online data base system was developed to allow AEI to efficiently communicate the ergonomic assessment process with the employee and the employer. This process communicates from start to finish the process of the assessment, education about ergonomics, and the recommendations needed to fix the problems detected in the assessment. Through this process AEI is able to assess, fix, and follow up with clients in reasonable time frames increasing retention on ergonomic principles and increasing productivity rapidly for the employer. Ergo tips are sent out weekly to the employee for as long as they subscribe to the messages to keep re-educating employees about ergonomics.

Soon to be published this proprietary system has a data base that has been quoted to be the most significant collection of data ever collected in the ergonomic industry. This data base is called the ErgoWise® Assessment Database or EAD System. Access to confidential employee data in real time allows the customer to see an ergonomic assessment or to completely outsource the process to AEI. The system provides customization of corporate infrastructures so that programs are set up to work best for cost center accounting down to the employee if necessary. Most importantly the system tracks data and provides conclusive statistics that benefit human resources, procurement, facilities management, and importantly; finance. Information regarding our other educational vehicles is available upon request.

“As all companies do, we try to watch every dollar and I wanted to compare prices/service to Active Ergonomics. Congratulations… I was happy to find you are not only the best service but also offer me the best prices. Thank You!”