Ergonomics and Success

Each year, companies spend millions of dollars on computers, furniture and software in an effort to provide their employees with the tools needed to do their jobs efficiently. However, many companies fail to take the steps to ensure that these workplace tools are “ergonomic” or properly positioned to “fit” each employee. Without this proper placement, workers can experience fatigue, eyestrain and repetitive stress injuries – all of which negatively affect the employee’s health, and the company’s bottom line.

At Active Ergonomics®, we’re here to help you keep your employees healthy through preventative ergonomic practices. By performing a pro-active assessment, we can determine whether or not your office conforms to the ergonomic models and guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Labor. We can then provide you with specific recommendations as to how to improve the ergonomic health and safety of your employees. Active Ergonomics® specializes in retrofitting existing furniture with innovative products that can transform a potentially hazardous workstation into one that is ergonomically correct.

Employee training/coaching is also critical. It’s a personal thing, every employee is different. That is why it is crucial to have an individual assessment performed on each employee at his or her workstation. Active Ergonomics® considers a wide variety of variables that can affect an employee’s comfort and productivity. Once we determine what an individual’s needs are, we are able to work directly with that employee to retrofit their workstation with the right tools. We can also teach them postures and techniques that better fit their anatomy and work load – ultimately preventing the development of possible muscular skeletal disorders and other ailments. Just as every person is different, so are the needs of each organization.

Active Ergonomics® will work with you to develop a plan that best suits your company’s needs. We can conduct assessments, serve as a product supplier, provide an on-site ergolab, organize a pro-active ergonomic program, or even provide a reactive assessment for a possible workers compensation claim. We’ll work with you to help you achieve your goal of having a safer, healthier and more productive work environment.

At Active Ergonomics we assess, fix, and follow up with employees we assess for the clients we serve.  Our follow up service also includes a post assessment survey with an average response rate of 25-35%.  One of our survey questions asks employees if they are more productive as a result of their ergonomic assessment.  If they say “Yes” then we ask them how much in minutes?  The results of these surveys represent a tremendous data base in existence since 2005 that give us an indication on how ergonomics can increase productivity thus increasing your employees contribution to revenue.

What are you waiting for?  Let us help you position your company for success today.