Breaks & Exercises (WorkPace®)

Wellnomics® Breaks & Exercises (WorkPace®) is proven to create positive and sustainable behavior change among office workers. Wellnomics WorkPace  has been proven to increase productivity by 10% and reduce complaints by up to 60%. With this software installed on desktops your employees become your biggest ally in the fight for improved productivity and zero lost work time incidents.

WorkPace works because it gets people to accept personal responsibility for their own safety. It helps employees monitor their own work patterns and make sustainable improvements to their work habits. The result is lowered fatigue, reduced injuries and healthier, happier employees.

Exercises and stretches to rejuvenate muscles

The software provides step by step instructions to ensure exercises and stretches are being done correctly.


Reminders for micropauses and breaks to reduce fatigue

The software gives automatic reminders throughout the day for small breaks and micropauses that reduce fatigue and increase productivity.


Continuous feedback on work intensity and breaks

The software can provide continuous feedback, allowing employees to monitor their workpace in real time.


WorkPace is the single most important factor

Health and Safety managers say Wellnomics Breaks & Exercises (WorkPace) is the single most important factor in their fight against musculoskeletal disorders amongst office workers. Using  the software has increased productivity and improved the bottom line for their organizations.

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