ErgoWise Comfort Stool with Step Footrest

The ErgoWise® Comfort Stool is fully adjustable for a custom fit.

The stool offers adjustments in seat height, seat tilt, back angle, back height, seat height and arm rest height and width.

The standard stool comes in black fabric and has carpet casters and a cylinder height range of 10″ and is adequate for surface height of 36″ and lower. The seat pan is 19″ wide and 20″ deep. For weight limits up to 250 pounds.

The step footrest is a wide, stable platform that supports your feet and legs. It has “Locking On” casters that allow you to step onto the platform to sit on the stool, allowing for a safe entry and exit from the stool. The steps are available in several heights depending on the cylinder height of your stool and each step adjusts to 13″, 15″ and 17″ from the cylinder and can be achieved without the use of tools. The stool has spacers that provide additional adjustments for the step on the cylinder. The step has a rotation of 360-degrees around the cylinder.

Please call to specify options such as casters, fabric, arms, cylinder height. Please note price below does not include shipping. All stools are shipped unassembled.


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Color Swatch


Color Codes

7001 – Periwinkle
7004 – Blue Steel
7005 – Bright Blue
7012 – Burgundy
7013 – Peacock
7018 – Navy
7020 – Black
7029 – Cypress
7030 – Jasper
7033 – Azure
7034 – Douglas Fur
7036 – Mist
7037 – Slate
7040 – Real Red
7041 – Primary
7042 – Wasapi
7043 – Sandy
7044 – Desert Night
7045 – Suede
7046 – Cayenne
7047 – Calcine Gray
7048 – Royal.